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Insieme Grand Resort

Insieme Grand Resort - Organizari Evenimente BucurestiAn unique concept in Romania, placed in a spot rich in history, and enjoying a picturesque environment, Club Insieme Grand Resort represents the perfect choice for spending unforgettable moments. We are located just 45 km from Bucharest, in Pitaru, the native village of Nicolae Grigorescu, and we invite you to discover a magnificent landscape, worthy of the famous painter's brush. And since we are unique, we propose that you, in turn, should feel unique yourself and we will show you that only you matter for us. We will succeed, because everything you'll discover here is... Inspired by you!
The Insieme Grand Resort Club has a three- and four-star hotel, with a capacity of 110 places, one conference room, with 250 places, perfect for workshops, conferences and meetings, a restaurant and a cafe-bar with 250 places.
The club's services include naturist therapies, spa area, fitness room and a swimming pool. The club also has a tennis field, a multifunctional sport field and an artificial lake for fishing.
We haven't neglected passionate riders either and this is why our club makes available to customers horses and poneys. Insieme Grand Resort also promises the opening, as soon as possible, of an artificial sauna.


On May 15, 1838, the village of Pitaru, Dâmbovita County, saw the birth of the famous Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu, the sixth child of Ion and Maria Grigorescu. His father was an administrator at the court and properties of the boyard Filip Lens. At his death, in 1843, his wife and seven children were forced to leave the boyar's court and move with a sister living in Bucharest, in the Caramidari neighbourhood.
Because of the precarious financial state and a life marked by indigence, Nicolae could not attend school, which is why it was his mother who taught him to read and write. At the age of 10 he started to think of a profession. The trade which particulary attracted him was the one of a house painter, which was also practiced by his uncle and one of his elder brothers.
A renowned Czech painter settled in Romania, named Anton Chladek, lived in Caramidari at the time, and he took Grigorescu into his workshop. The relationship between the master and his apprentice were very cold. Chladek was severe and often sought to prevent a possible competition from the part of a gifted apprentice.
In 1850, at the age of 12, he left Chladek's workshop, where he had passed two years as apprentice.
The Insieme Grand Resort Club is developped around the court which had belonged first to Ianache Vacarescu, and then to the high logothete Filip Lens, whose name is also linked to the construction of the Vernescu House. Among those who administered the domain at Pitaru in the time of Filip Lens was also the faher of painter Nicolae Grigorescu. The opening of the Insieme Grand Resort Club coincided with the organization of the event dedicated to the anniversary of 171 years from the birth of Nicolae Grigorescu.

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Ana Aslan

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